Daytonize this!

Soul Sessions my hometown:

Last night, in our sweltering Playthink studio, we had a dj’d dance and drumming party–Dayton style.  To my delight, it seemed like everyone there was a slow learner: open to experiment, ready to connect, willing to fully participate.   We invited the experts:  Soul Sessions’ the extraordinary hip hopster/dancer/organizer, Kelsa Rieger, and DJ collaborative, Underground People to spin tunes for us.   After  about three hours of moving and grooving, the dancing evolved into experimental improvisation.  We crawled, we rolled around, we drummed, we percussed with found objects, we made it all up as we went along. One of the young guests who, it appears, had not yet spent  much time in Dayton, expressed his surprise at how unique and outrageous the scene was.  Another guest replied that this newbie “just hadn’t been Daytonized yet.”

I’m so proud of Dayton.