Slow Learning Hall of Fame Honors Dave Chappelle

“Who you callin’ slow, Kam-byotch?” 

I finally watched Dave Chappelle’s Block Party last night. I may be one of the the last people in Greene County (where much of the film was shot) to see it, but better late than never. In the film, Chappelle pulls a number of slow learning stunts including throwing a block party in Brooklyn and inviting superstars and local yokels alike an extravagant celebration of music and community.

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Chappelle exemplifies the spirit of the slow learner in many ways. Here are but a few.

1. Slow learning is immediate. Chappelle teaches us that timing is everything. Want something outrageous and wonderful to happen? Quit your stalling. Do it now.

2. Slow learning thrives in community. Which community? Yours and mine. So why not bring them together and make them ours?

3. Slow learners invite everybody to the party. Everybody. Kids, and old people, and law enforcers, and poor people, and famous people. Distinctions like age, race, gender, ethnicity, eccentricity, are toys to share and to play with.

4. Slow learners share. Money. Talent. Energy. Rooftops. Sidewalks. Buses. Bands. Stages. Fame. Spirit.

5. Slow learners fearlessly dabble in areas outside their expertise.

6. Slow learners are humble, but can show off, too.

7. Slow learners invent opportunity.

8. Work, play, education, community can blend as one big, unpredictable, spectacular, extravaganza.

9. Slow learners take the time to notice. Extraordinary people and places exist not just in Greene County, Ohio and Brooklyn, NY, but everywhere.

10. Slow learners have more fun.