Celebrating DAYTON, OHIO and Andy Warhol at Playthink Studio

Wait till you see what we’ve done to the studio! I hope you like silver.  Thanks to the encouragement of local arts instigator, Donavan, and other fine friends Toni and Renee, we’ve gone over the top in  Playthink Studio in silver! Teetering on the ladder, laden in silver, I could feel Andy smiling down on us.  Today we inflate the balloons, set up the video, the movies, the projectors, the couch and the camera.

So what else is there for you to do? Come down to the Party at Playthink Studio, 411 E. Fifth Street in Dayton’s Oregon District.  By tomorrow evening at 8 o’clock we’ll have 80 ways for you to celebrate Warhol’s 80th Birthday.  So here are a few more ways to help us celebrate.

#66 Celebrate DAYTON, OHIO as #1 among America’s 10 MOST EXCITING and VIBRANT, RISING AMERICAN CITIES for the world’s Grooviest Hipster to  CELEBRATE DECADENCE, GLAMOUR, COMMERCIALISM, POP CULTURE AND ANARCHY (as reported in the latest issue of SHAGGY SHAG Magazine).

#67 Dance in our inevitably plastic light show! (Or just show off your beautiful legs!)

#68 Listen to some great music! We’ll have a great combination of live music and plenty of Velvets (and Nico) to go around.

#69 Succumb to the chaos. As John Cale of the Velvet Underground said, “We were just anarchists, but we were anarchists with heart.”

#70 Find your reddest lipstick ever. Find someone delicious. Kiss. Repeat. (Kind of like printing graphic art, only yummier.)

71. Look through your old lps. While you’re flipping through your albums, you’re likely to come across a Warhol.

72.  Stop by your local cosmetics counter and stock up on the eye ware.  The heavier, the cakier, the darker,  the better!

#73 Talk to someone more famous than you on our gold telephone! (We hope the spray paint will be dry in time.)