Dance Lessons (on hearing Klezmer in the morning)

How does it happen?
Oh hearing his very first tune
the baby child knows
how to move, what to shake, how to groove
pushing, pulsing, swimming, playing
grinding hip and swaying spine
bouncing, dancing perfect time
sprung from some ancient oozing accident
this child never learned what to do

He just knew.

Want to learn how to dance?
Find a child.
One that’s not yet, but nearly two
And simply let the music play
Bend at the knees, shift and shimmy,
Sway your own little diapered bum

Watch me! Watch me! And I can make music, too!

You’ve been dancing since before you were even you
Knew it deep before birth
knew without choosing
Listen, feel it
Ma’s thumb bump thumb still throbs in you

The wise child knows what we forgot:
such dance is not hard
not taught, it’s not therapy, not for practice

This dance is for real.