the dancer, the poet and holy communion

“We weren’t conscious of what we were doing as we devoured each other. On eating our fill, we both ceased to exist, leaving only love in our wake. Did I sacrifice myself as we tore into each other?  He allowed me eat my fill. For my  part, I ate as much as I wanted.  He offered me everything, and I likewise offered him all I had to give.

We can take each other’s life, just as we can allow each other to live. Knowing that we can’t extricate ourselves from the life cycle, we didn’t suffer as a result of following our instincts. We took great pleasure in being devoured.  It was just as though we were frolicking about like children. We found gratification in eating our fill, by devouring each other.

And now, I live in a world where I strum this wooden floor beneath my feet.  I live in a world where there are no boundaries between here and the hereafter.

I recall when I felt trapped and unable to decide what to do, I went to pieces. I was at once victim and perpetrator: I had a hunch that I was going to be attacked, and at the same time it was I who tore myself apart.  Yes, but what happened to me as my mind went to pieces?  Didn’t I turn into a fox?  Isn’t that a fox you’re seeing right over there?  What will become of it?  Will it to survive?  Don’t’ worry.  A fox doesn’t need to learn how to survive.  Let it fend for itself, because it instinctively knows how to cope with danger.”

Kazuo Ohno

“The slogan of hell: eat or be eaten.
The slogan of heaven: eat and be eaten.”
W. H. Auden