call for “stories your hair could tell”

If your hair could speak, what stories would it tell?

Tell me your hair’s story, and I will infuse your hair-based drama into a new mixed media painting to be on display starting May 2010 at Dat Salon on Dufferin just north of Queen West in Toronto.

What secrets do your locks reveal? What secrets does your ‘do conceal?  Do you have a dramatic memory from childhood about your hair?  What did your teenage hair tell about your hopes, dreams, desires, your future?  Any story, impression, memory, secret, or fantasy you wish to share about your hair may serve as inspiration for new work.

Stories Your Hair Could Tell will hold its opening event on Thursday, May 6 at Dat Salon.  Event will include storytelling, performance, music, and merry making. More details to come.

You can reach me at patricia at kambitsch dot com or patricia kambitsch on facebook.  And remember, in the words of the gifted stylist, Dat, hair is drama.