A Tarot for Fools and other Slow Learners

Yippee! I finished a draft for a new deck of personalized tarot cards! It took over two years of my very divided attention, but I did it. You can congratulate me!

Nearly all other decks I’ve made were created as a labor of love for a friend. I painted each card by hand with layers of paint and markers and crayon and ink and whatever else I can find that makes a mark. Each card becomes its own composition, its own little world. Each card has its own life, its own story to tell.

Peter’s tarot deck, 2018.

I love painting on cards, making decks, and giving the decks to people I love.

Making art for an audience of one is intimate and rewarding. People respond to work that is made especially for them.

Tricia with her bespoke oracle deck back in 2016.

My latest deck, All Fools Tarot, is different. This deck isn’t painted on cardstock as a gift for somebody else. As an experiment, I made this deck for me. And if it speaks to others, I’ll make it available to you.

I made this deck mostly from paper collages that I shot with my phone camera. I then digitally altered each image on my iPad in Procreate, filtered each with every app ever invented, and now will soon be printed on slick cardstock with curved edges and identical backs. I’ll be able to make copies of them. Hooray for print on demand technology, I guess. (Shipping and printing is pricey!) I’ll let you know if I think it’s worth it.

For now, it’s all in the hands of the printer.

I’ll promise to show you the deck when it arrives.