100 Things to Learn, to do, to practice

1. Learn how to facilitate dialogue

2. how to grow a garden on my rooftop

3. how to better punctuate my sentences

4. Find someone in town who would like to learn English in exchange for teaching me Spanish

5. Contact Improvisation

6. How to create the conditions for participatory art

7. Bake bread

8. Have dinner parties

9. Run in the wind

10. Get up early in the morning without sacrificing my dream life

11. Public performance art

12. Run uphill

13. Be the center of attention

14. Avoid being the center of attention

15. Invent new cocktails

16. Make a recipe book of cocktails

17. Publish a zine

18. Take classes from Gabrielle Roth

19. Design learning plans for other slow learners

20. Interview other slow learners

21. Write about my interviews a la Studs Terkel

22. Make 3 D art

23. Revise one of my novels

24. Write a new one

25. Forgive me my trespassers

26. Give away more stuff

27. Use public transportation more often

28. Learn how to get out of bed when the alarm clock goes off

29. Learn how to write longer sentences without fear

30. Find a new hairstyle

31. Read books that other people write

32. Do what I said I was going to do

33. Be a better DJ at dance gatherings

34. Make more handmade books and send them out.

35. Send mail art to people who don’t make mail art

36. Lift dance partners on my body without using my hands
32. Write to Aunt Virginia and tell her how much I love her

33. Tell people who fill in my words for me when I’m talking to stop it

34. Get a bike that I can use for transport

35. Dance

36. Sing without apology

37. Market my works of creativity

38. Market other people’s works of creativity

39. Host a personal growth retreat

40. Host art camp for adults

41. Renew teaching license

42. Make puppets

43. Have a parade through the streets of Dayton, Ohio

44. Make enough money to give generously to others

45. Give generously to others

46. Write about the experience of coming of age

47. Learn how to get up before sunrise

48. Make music

49. Go to Pittsburgh and hang out for a while

50. Attend conferences and participate

51. Talk someone else into publishing my work

52. Learn about anaconda balls

53. Make political art big and bold and loud

54. Host gaming nights

55. Write a book about Noble Purpose for teenagers

56. Host arts and crafts parties

57. Make cookies for new neighbors
58. Spend the day taking pictures of all the places that I plan to write about

59. Make my own clothes

60. Run a marathon

61. DJ a dance event in Toronto

62. Make some money doing something creative.

63. Finish rewriting my book.