Free information for slow learners: a few favorite sources

Open Culture Directory to everything on the web you want to learn. Just about everything. Links to tons of free media.

InFed Encyclopedia of learning in and (mostly) outside of classrooms.

Khanacadamy Didn’t quite understand 2nd Order Linear Homogeneous Differential Equations in math class? Still have a hard time understanding the relationship between bond prices and interest rates?  Let this hottie break it down for you. Simple lectures on thousands of complex topics.

Ubuweb A personal favorite. Seemingly infinite archive of online avant-garde media. I could spend the rest of my life looking at the weirdo artsy fartsy stuff posted here. Not only a huge resource of digital media, but here’s a place where you can upload your own works of genius.

Nina Paley If you ever feel a bit guilty about using and copying free media, check out Nina Paley’s brilliant work. And then buy one of her cool tshirts for my birthday. (I stole copied her her comic above.)


khan academy for slow learners

I hate math.

I’ve avoided math’s mysteries (and all things related) with a fair amount of success all my life.  These self-imposed limits drag me down, hold me back.    That’s why this year I vow to spend a little time every day with Salman Khan.  Sal is a master teacher who can explain the most abstract of languages so simply that even a flaky math avoider like me can follow along. And what a joy it is to learn secrets forbidden to me.  When I’m watching Sal’s sexy little curser scratching away on my screen, I feel like we’re entering new and unexplored territory.  I feel like he’s whispering in my ear, explaining the unexplainable, offering me a key to forbidden treasures, revealing secrets only the smart can get. When I’m with Sal, I can get it.

Sal has hundreds of ten-minute you tube lessons to choose from.  And over the next several months I intend to listen to them all. I’ve started with what I most dread to learn: current economics.