What’s wrong with you?


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  1. bravo, and encore! more! so happy i have time to read your amazing stuff now.
    xxxxxxx k

  2. Nice! When I read this I think that ˝You˝ in the story is actually Me=)

    +my name is also Patricija=)

  3. This piece is wonderful! I felt like you were describing me, because I notice things in this way (deeply, intensely)…I didn’t know that other people did this as well!!! Thank you, Patricia!

  4. This sounds like me too. It’s intensely frustrating to be automatically discounted in this rat race results driven world because people don’t seem to take the time to look beyond the surface to see the things you know you are capable of.

  5. Taking time to notice our capacities, our special abilities, our senses, our bodies, our feelings, our reflections can seem subversive, if not crazy. And to that I say: so what! Go deep. Slow down and notice.

  6. this is an amazing piece of writing – thanks so much for sharing it. it’s really, wonderfully unforgettable.

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