Slow Learner’s Creed

I have no faculty; I make the Heaven and the Earth my teachers.

I have no school; I make the universe my university.

I have no power in the accumulation of knowledge; I make curiosity my power.

I have no matriculation fees; I make magnanimity my tuition.

I have no intellectual property; I make open exchange my own.

I have no authority; I make inquiry my author.

I have no letters to follow my name; I make learning my degree.

I have no tardy bell; I can learn as early and learn as late as I require.

I have no field of specialization; precise action is my specialty.

I have no discipline; adaptability is my backbone.

I have no answers; I ask bigger questions.

I have no intelligence; community is my intellect.

I have no expertise; the will to learn is my mastery.

I have no scope and sequence; all the world is open to me at any time.

I have no highlighter markers; when all is highlighted, nothing is.

I have no future; learning for now is my future.

I have no syllabi; I determinate my learning goals.

I have no canon; I author my own text.

I have no grade point average; immediate results measure my efforts.

I have no homework; learning is my play.

I have no rigor; flexibility is my strength.

I have no preparation for the future; all that exists is now.