all tomorrows’ parties will suck

After today’s party at Playthink Studio 411 E. Fifth Street in Dayton, Ohio, all other parties will pale in comparison.

Come on down to Playthink Studio in the Oregon District today (8/08/08 at 8’oclock for 8 dollars) and check out our Silver Factory. Dance. Make movies. Be glamorous.

Check out Dayton’s hippest hipsters.

Free admission if you’re 80 years old!

And now for the final of our 80 ways to celebrate Andy Warhol at our Silver Factory Birthday Party!

#74 Take a crash course in all that’s Warholian and Velvet and Silver Fartoryesque at guest of a guest.

#75 If you bring your dog, you must hold her very close to your face and make smooching noises as you pass through the crowd.

#76 Audition. At Playthink Studio’s Warhol Party, we’re guessing you’ve got tons of potential. Prove us right.

#77 Hold your own audition.  (Tip: You don’t really need to make a film. Auditions are an effective excuse for surrounding yourself with the most beautiful people.)


#78 We’ll be your mirror. There’s so much shiny shiny leather and silver down here at the Playthink Silver Factory, you can keep your compact at home.

#79 Reproduce! Reproduce! Reproduce!   (Images, that is.)

#80 You can act all shy and aloof and cool and detached, but bring all your friends to our Party , ALL YOUR BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS, that is. They’ll thank you for it!