khan academy for slow learners

I hate math.

I’ve avoided math’s mysteries (and all things related) with a fair amount of success all my life.  These self-imposed limits drag me down, hold me back.    That’s why this year I vow to spend a little time every day with Salman Khan.  Sal is a master teacher who can explain the most abstract of languages so simply that even a flaky math avoider like me can follow along. And what a joy it is to learn secrets forbidden to me.  When I’m watching Sal’s sexy little curser scratching away on my screen, I feel like we’re entering new and unexplored territory.  I feel like he’s whispering in my ear, explaining the unexplainable, offering me a key to forbidden treasures, revealing secrets only the smart can get. When I’m with Sal, I can get it.

Sal has hundreds of ten-minute you tube lessons to choose from.  And over the next several months I intend to listen to them all. I’ve started with what I most dread to learn: current economics.