slow teaching from the MomoButoh dance company

I found a mentor for one of my slow learning passions through a simple google search.

I was  looking for other people who were, as I was, writing about  dance as a daily spiritual practice. Again, the  oracle of the internets led me to MomoButoh. Maureeen Freehill’s exceptional blog includes a butoh dance performance she creates daily.

Through the Jetsonian technology of Skype we meet face-to-face. Together we dance, share stories, and we talk about life itself.  Maureen suggests books to read, movements to practice, and challenges me to create my own butoh dance performances in public, to film them with my Flip camera, and to post them on Youtube.  And every two weeks or so I am held accountable for the learning goals I’ve set for myself.

I have to admit that the distance and the technology seem to be cold and strange for an intentionally embodied practice.  But it works.  Check out one of our Skype lessons that clever Momo captured last spring on her Flip and posted on her blog.

slow learning is deep learning with fools who play mass

Back in September, we moved into our new studio at 7 Fraser in Toronto and a week later 9 members of the experimental theatre troupe, Dzieci, drove in from Brooklyn and stayed with us. For two days Dzieci put up with our construction dust, shared meals, and woke us with the music of their voices.

Here is the video of the Fools Mass (created by our studio mate Dexter Ico) which they performed on Sunday morning. [youtube=]

Thanks to Dzieci and to all who made this slow-learning-dream-come-true possible.