What’s your slow learning style?

I’m a sucker for learning more about how uniquely brilliant I am. I love to learn more about my unique personality quirks and strengths. I’m uniquely different. I bring unique gifts to any team lucky enough to have me as a member.

In other words, I’m unique like everyone else.

“This  learning style personality inventory indicator was  made especially for you.” PT Barnum

I may be as special as they next guy, but I’m also skeptical. Part of me resists being tested, typecast, and categorized. I’m much more complexly unique than any test can indicate, right? Isn’t all this people-type sorting just a bunch of hooey?

Still another part of me loves typecasting and categorizing as it helps me to get along with other unique people. I can blame your bone-headedness on your unique “learning style,”  or “personality type” and then give you a free pass. More importantly, I’m better able to  empathize with you if I understand that you might experience the world differently than me. And if I’m in the business of collaborating with a team, understanding how my teammates understand might help us all.

What follows is a tour of my doodle notes, featuring a few notable “learning styles” and “personality-type” people sorters, (complete with my snarky editorial comments).

Kolb’s Learning Styles

 Honey and Mumford Learning Styles

Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences


A.Q. Autism Spectrum Quotient

Myers Briggs
and the


and then there’s this. After all the intense doodling I did for this page, I just had to make up a people sorter of my own. So here it is:


or the Steve or Bill Personality In-dick-ator. (This one has less to do with how unique I am, and more to do with how I might classify the significant others in my life.)


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  2. Kurt

    I am interested in your doodle notes and would like to use them in a presentation – please contact me

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