just put it off! (how to properly procrastinate while while bringing your ideas to reality)

Just follow these 20 simple steps.

1.      Come up with a Really Good Idea.

2.      Feel inspired. Feel so inspired that you put everything else on your list to the back of your to do list.

3.      Enjoy the heightened energy, improved mood, and raised self esteem this inspiration affords you.

4.      Make a commitment to do what it takes to make your Really Good Idea a reality.

5.      Introduce everyone you know to your Really Good Idea.

6.      Go to the office supply store, art supply store, hardware store and buy a bunch of things that help you properly organize your life so that you might do a great job in finishing the work on your Really Good Idea.

7.      Look up a bunch of things on the Internet that will help you to learn more about the topic on hand and then let those things inspire you to look at more things.

8.      Learn a whole lot of things that are just as inspiring as what you first set out to do to fulfill the Really Good Idea you had.

9.      While you’re on the Internet, find other people who are doing something similar to your Really Good Idea. Realize that what they have is really a Better Idea because these other people are doing a much, much better job than you will ever do by actually doing what it takes to make their Better Idea a reality.

10.    Spend more time thinking  about other people’s Better Ideas and less about your Really Good Idea.

11.    Start feeling guilty about time spent coveting your neighbour’s Better Ideas and go to the refrigerator for a beer or a spoonful of Marmite to help you feel better.

12.    When you get to the refrigerator, forget what you were going to the refrigerator for in the first place.

13.    Go back to your computer and watch a rerun of some old science fiction series you’ve been meaning to watch.

14.    Remember what it was you forgot at the refrigerator and go back to get it.

15.     Return to your workspace with a renewed feeling of guilt for not having gotten anything done.

16.    Revisit the web for more Better Ideas than yours. Wallow.

17.    Having wallowed sufficiently, remember an older Good Idea that you Never Completed from a Long Time Ago. Seems easy in comparison to your Really Good Idea now, huh? Go ahead, abandon your Really Good Idea and get to work on that Old Good Idea from a Long Time Ago.

18.    Feel newly energized with fresh guilt for having abandoned your Really Good Idea while you finish the work on your Old Good Idea that you Never Completed from a Long Time Ago.

19.     Lose yourself in work on your Good Idea from a Long Time Ago. Make your Good Idea from a Long Time Ago a reality.

20.    Come up with a new Really, Really Good Idea and repeat.