itty bitty show a spectacular success beyond all measure (even the metric system)





Much gratitude to all the fabulously beautiful people


who participated in the first


International Ten Itty Bitty Pieces of Sh*tty Art Show
held Saturday, November 24, 2007, in Dayton, Ohio




Tons of outrageous party pictures may be found at thanks to David “Free Books” Hurwitz.
Just a few of the artists represented at the first annual ITIBPOSAS include:
Teri Schoch, “CaCa Illumination,” glass sculptures
David Kenworthy, Works on Paper
Anna Kiss, photography, fabric sculpture, Pussy Pillow
Kim Rayburn, photography, poetry, prose
Kidtee Hello, Works on Paper
Michael Kelly, Sculpture, cardboard, paintings and drawings
DJ Scorpius Max, spinning the grooviest tunes in town especially Music for Getting that Song Out of Your Head
Joey London, dancer and provider of eye candy
Joe Lutz, live photography
Brendon Rayburn, drawing on paper
Heather Reid
, Cityscape tile window frescoes
Dave Hurwitz, Ever-emerging art truck mixed media assemblage, live photography
Suzanne Furman, Dia de la Muerte Shadowbox, Shagalischious diorama
Eva Makstutis, Masks and body plates, acrylic paintings, mixed media assemblage, and mistress of ceremonies of the Beer Tasting Competition
Kate Ervin, dance performance and Visionary graphical display for the Dayton Circus Creative Collective
Laurana Wong, Juror and member of the Snooty Patootie Arts Community Juror and dance performance
Dr. Peter Hayward Jones, PhD Juror and member of the Snooty Patootie Arts Community
Peter Jones, Brush painting and clove cigarettes tins, Ten Tins of Tao
Mike Officer, paintings
Greg Kambitsch, Wire Hanging Sculpture
Tim Kambitsch, $49.95 man, works on paper, acrylic, canvas
Fambitsch Family Singers: featuring Maribeth Kambitsch, Liz Landis, Patricia Kambitsch, Tim Kambitsch, Pete Jones, Phillipe Prevoteau, Alexander Prevoteau, Matt Randolph, Laurana Wong, Adam Elfers, et al under the direction of Gregorovitsch Kambitschski in their performance of IGOTAHARDONLVR
Patricia Kambitsch
, Grandma and Grandpa Kronenberger on Their Wedding Night
Christopher Bell, Luscious black and white photo essay
Jan Underwood, Interpretive dancer
Rachelle and Lily and Amy, et al, Fantabulously Limber Limbo Dancers,
Dan Taylor, unforgettable works of art
Shannon Nelson, Drawing on Paper
Micky Waltz, Marker on paper
Forrest and Friends, Champions, Dirty-word Scrabble
Mary Brzezinski
Mixed media sculpture, masks, painting
Leslie Morrow,
Paintings and sculpture
Tom Tebatt, color photography
Lissa Lush (AKA Mellissa) Artist Trading Cards, textile arts
Sara Nay Feltner Atomic Cat Butt triptych
Jeff Opt, Prints
Alexis Williams, Photographs
Leslie Nachbauer and Tricia Calvert Performance Art
Leigh Waltz,
Sheri Shepherd, Culinary delights
Alivia Meininger,
Mark Meininger,
, works on paper and assemblage
Ken Felnter “Good things come in small packages”
Nancy Cumming: Fabric, Celestial Jacket
Jim Cumming: Fabric, Happy Suit
Laurana Wong: Patricia’s Wicked Dancing Shirt




Special thanks to:


The audience


The beer drinkers


The Dayton Circus Creative Collective


Kristen and Eva for support sharing studio


Our sponsors, Redesign Research, Dialogic Design, the Institute for Slow Learning and Playthink Learning


Moonbeam McQueen and the Dayton City Paper


The countless, nameless participants in the Dirty Word Scrabble Poem and Performance of Song


Eva (again, for her work behind the counter)


Michaelearcheangelo for event support


DJ Scorpius Max for blessing our spectacle with style and grace


Esteemed members of the Snooty Patooty Arts Community: Laurana Wong and Dr. Peter Hayward Jones, PhD


YOU, the artists, for your forgiveness of my faults, my faults, all my faults including: misspelling your name, leaving your name off this list, misrepresenting your work. (It really wasn’t intentional. I won’t do such a sh*tty job as curator next year.)


And special, special thanks goes to:


Alexander Prevoteau and John Landis for recording and posting the hit song IGOTAHARDONLVR forever in the archives to refresh your memory in case you forgot the tune.


And to Mark for the inspiration for holding the event in the first place.

call for submissions

Announcing: Call for submissions

The International Ten Itty Bitty Pieces of Sh*tty Arts Show
Deadline for submission: Saturday, November 24, 2007
Opening Celebration, Juried Selection, and Beer Tasting Competition: November 24, 2007.
Playthink Studio, Front Street Gallery, Dayton, Ohio, USA

Accepting work from
Visual Artists

Musicians and songwriters
Architects and designers
Writers and spoken word artists
Corporate tax accountants
Performance artists
Actors and playwrights

The mandate of the Ten Itty Bittty pieces of Sh*tty Art Show is to promote artists, emerging and established, whose procrastination, perfectionism, and giant egos disguised as lack-of-confidence (and vice versa) serve to inhibit them from attempting/and or completing creative work.

All work must be created during the months of October and November 2007. Participants may not cheat by hunting up old itty bitty pieces of sh*tty artwork.

Submissions should include: an artist statement, a project description, a current CV, 10 – 20 slides, filmstrip, and two VHS and Betamax tapes, and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Unless you think that’s too much work. In that case, simply mail your work to Shag Shagdoravitchski, 4098 Wagner Road, Dayton, OH 45440, USA, arrange ahead for drop off times. Or show up on the day of the event with your with your ten itty bitty sh*tty pieces of art tucked under your arm.

Theory: Many artists, would-be artists and other creative people and find themselves stuck. Many intend to produce work, but find themselves held back because they believe their work is sh*tty. Most of these artists are right. Their work really is sh*tty. The Itty Bitty Sh*tty Arts Show celebrates the work of artists producing pooh.

My work requires performance. What’s the time limit? Performers, musicians, readers, and other presenters are limited to ten minutes. Performers are encouraged to present only the sh*ttiest of their work.
I’m planning to write a novel this November. Do you expect me to finish ten pieces of sh*tty art, too? Yes. And you are invited to read a chapter from your sh*tty book at the opening celebration as well.
Why ten pieces? Ten pieces is a lot to get done by November. This insures that your work will be sh*tty.
If I submit work to the itty bitty sh*tty arts show, does that make me an itty bitty sh*tty artist?
Artists often confuse their work with their identity. F##k that sh*t, and just make something.
Do I have to submit ten pieces? Yes.
Must I be present at the Ten Itty Bitty Pieces of Shitty Art Show to participate? No. Just send it in. All participants will receive documentation of participation.
What are the format restrictions? The Ten Itty Bitty Pieces of Sh*tty Art Show accepts all formats. It doesn’t have to be itty or bitty, just sh*tty.
Can I sell my work? Any artist may attempt to sell sh*tty work if his price is low enough. Artists are encouraged, though not required, to sell. We recommend $1 or Play money to be paid directly to the artist. Neither Playthink Studio or Shag Shadorovitscki will take a percentage of your sales.
Is this a juried exhibition? Yes. The jurors are select members of the snooty petootie arts community famous for the creation of works even sh*ttier than your own.
What’s the prize? All entrants will receive certificates and documentation of participation. Last, second last, third from last place will be offered to the sh*ttiest pieces in each category.
What if it turns out that my work isn’t sh*tty at all? What if in the process of attempting to create a sh*tty piece of work, I create something brilliant, spectacular, awe-inspiring, and earth-shattering? Won’t that make everybody else feel bad about their work that really is sh*tty? Yes. In fact that often happens with shows like this. Just feel guilty about it, and everything will be all right.

Curated by Shagdora Shagdorovitsch
Sponsored by the International Institute of Slowlearning, Redesign Research, Dialogic Design International,

Daytonize this!

Soul Sessions my hometown:

Last night, in our sweltering Playthink studio, we had a dj’d dance and drumming party–Dayton style.  To my delight, it seemed like everyone there was a slow learner: open to experiment, ready to connect, willing to fully participate.   We invited the experts:  Soul Sessions’ the extraordinary hip hopster/dancer/organizer, Kelsa Rieger, and DJ collaborative, Underground People to spin tunes for us.   After  about three hours of moving and grooving, the dancing evolved into experimental improvisation.  We crawled, we rolled around, we drummed, we percussed with found objects, we made it all up as we went along. One of the young guests who, it appears, had not yet spent  much time in Dayton, expressed his surprise at how unique and outrageous the scene was.  Another guest replied that this newbie “just hadn’t been Daytonized yet.”

I’m so proud of Dayton.

Back home with Drexel Dave

I’m back in Dayton, Ohio for now.

Just a taste, from Drexel Dave’s brutally honest blog, of my home town.  I miss Dayton even when I’m here.

Life is slow on Clover Ave. just a block off of Xenia Ave.

Yard animalry is still all the rage in this neighborhood, and
the fool who left that pop top open is begging to get an
old fashioned thievery attempted on them.

This grand dame is on Clover just off of Xenia Ave,
and I forget what the cross street is. The
thieves have taken the street signs, which is a norm in a lot
of the poorer neighborhoods in Dayton.

A sonnet


Why stay at home fretting earthly demise?

Come out, move along, indulge your dark core

Open your heart, raise your pulse, close your eyes

Spin yourself ‘round with your feet off the floor

To a sampled Simone and scratched Sarah Vaughn

Sequencing surrendered abandoned elation

Up step the tempo, bring drums to wail on

Sacrifice sweat to deep syncopation

DJ, hip your hop with a world beat bass

Bend all your circuits, build up to breakdown

Spin it up glitch, we’re the last of our race

Can’t do it alone, we need you all downtown


Surrender your moves, release all your zeal

In these end times only dance tunes will heal