visual thinking about systems thinking

I’ve been doodling about systems thinking and toying with the idea of an ABC book for a bit now. Why?  Because thinking about systems is a powerful way to attack complex problems and because systems thinking should be accessible to everyone.
So why not invite everyone to help?  Check out the pictures below. This is definitely a work in progress. Maybe you have something to add. Shoot me an email; post a comment. Draw a doodle. Consider this just a start.  More to come.visual thinking about systems
vt balancing loopscausal loopsvt from this to that 2vt from this to that

vt varietyvt b is forvt questioning the questionsvt varietyvt viablevt relationships vt transdisciplinaryvt fvt b is forvt a is forvt balancing loopssubsystemsvt universal darwinism

bill nye, unstoppable

bill nye 1_0001
I am taking  a break from reading Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World so that I might draw a picture of the author.
So now i have a confession: I’ve been a climate change denier.
Clarification: I don’t deny that climate change exists.  I’ve just been in denial that I can do anything about it.
Until now. The Science Guy is reminding us that the most important thing many of us can do right now about climate change is to talk about climate change.
“We can be a lot smarter and more capable than a lot of the technology doubters and climate deniers assume. The people who dismiss concerns about global warming seem to be the pessimists who would rather give up than own up to the problems we have all created. The people who worry most about what we are doing to the planet are the optimists who believe we also have the intelligence—we, as a species, working together—to come up with powerful solutions to the problems we’re working on that will change the world for the better. Which way of looking at the world is going to produce a Next Greatest Generation? Will it be the ones who give up, or the ones who get going?”
Bill Nye, Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World