Celebrate Andy Warhol: The Balloons Have Arrived!

Coming up with 80 original ways to celebrate Andy’s 80th Birthday at Playthink Studio on 8-8-oh 8 has me thinking of Mylar, the silver kind of course. And when my order of 80 Mylar soon-to-be-helium-filled balloons arrived in the mail today I realized I’m going to need some help.

And so, here are 8 more ways to Celebrate Andy’s birthday (remember I’m working up to 80. I know I have some catching up to do.)

#17 Help us fill up 80 Mylar Helium Balloons! We’re going to celebrate Andy Warhol’s 80th Birthday at Playthink Learning Studio in flashy reflective silver factory style by re-creating and reinventing his famous installation.

#18 While we’re at it, glory in the reflected image your own magnificent face repeating and repeating and repeating on all those balloons. Don’t be shy. This is your chance to shine. Again and again and again and again …

#19 Still don’t get it about the balloons and the the silver? Read this.

# 20 Too busy getting your costume together for the party? Watch this.

#21 And THIS.

#22 Then we can make poetry from letters wrapped in silver, float the words around, and make a film about it.

#23 Get a roll of aluminum foil from your kitchen. Wrap something. Anything will do. Bring it to the party. Call it art.

#24 And by the way, while we’re busy making party plans, anybody wanna dance?

8 ways to celebrate Andy on 08.08.08 at 8 for 8.

Okay, so Andy’s birthday is really on August 6. But this year it’s his 80th and the weekend works out much nicer don’t you think?

Today I’ll share with you the first eight ways you can celebrate our Silver Factory Birthday Bash at Playthink Studio in Dayton. I’ll continue to post these every few days till we reach 80.

#1 Help us turn 411 E. Fifth Street into a Silver Factory.

We’ll decorate the walls, bring in the mylar balloons, act glamorous and work like fools making the most outrageous works of multimedia artwork.

#2. Paint your BMW

…or somebody else’s like Andy demonstrates here. We suggest either being really sneaky or using washable paint. (Or you can make an art car out of your truck and use it to give away free books.)

#3 Wanna come to the party looking glamorous? Wear a wig.

Why go natural when there’s so many colors of platinum to choose from?

4. Make a time capsule.

Cardboard box + stuff + time = treasure.

“What you should do is get a box for a month, and drop everything in it and at the end of the month lock it up. Then date it and send it over to Jersey.” A. Warhol, THE philosophy of Andy Warhol: From A to B and back again, London, 1975.

5. Bring your Polaroid camera and take pictures of your shirtless Austrian friends.

# 6 Make wallpaper.

cow wallpaper
cow wallpaper

Andy taught us the value of repeating images. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if we copied him. Again and again. We’ll have lots of print making opportunity at the Playthink Silver Factory. Come prepared to work.

#7 Don’t be afraid to invite another artist who’s even more beautiful than you to the party.

#8. Document! Document! Document!

Take pictures. Bring your tape recorder. Make movies. Don’t let any image escape you. This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be unashamedly chic, reproduce priceless works of art without remorse, act unapologetically aloof and untouchable, and schmooze and be schmoozed by Dayton, Ohio’s most schmoozable hipsters. You’ll want to remember this day forever.

Eight more ways to celebrate Andy’s big day are coming soon! Got an idea? Send them on by.

how would andy celebrate?


Andy Warhol’s 80th birthday is this year. How will you celebrate? Share a modest little moment of silence?

I think not!

Instead, let’s throw the biggest, most glamorous party ever! We’ll take all month to prepare. We’ll wear glamorous outfits. We’ll mock and celebrate commercial consumerism. We’ll make icons of our most beautiful friends. We’ll sit on the couch and eat bananas. We’ll make movies and art and listen to Velvets.

As an innovator, lifelong learner, social networker, and consummate scenester, Andy’s life exemplified the tenets of slow learning. I’ll be celebrating Warhol’s birthday all this month by posting ideas for celebrating. With your help, I hope to reach eighty ways by his birthday on August 6th. And then on August 9th we’ll have a GREAT BIG Decadent Party and invite all the most beautiful people. We’ll invite the paparazzi. We’ll invite famous people. We’ll invite you and let you be famous for fifteen minutes. We’ll play with Mylar balloons. We’ll party like it’s 1999.

So save this date: on August 8, 2008 for one magical evening, PLAYTHINK LEARNING STUDIO in Dayton, Ohio, will transform into the SILVER FACTORY. Start planning your outfit now.

More coming soon…

With much gratitude, I acknowledge Whitney Matheson for her original idea. I think Andy would have approved of my copying her.